About Me

I was brought up in quite a musical family, so it was inevitable I suppose that I took to the guitar eventually. Teaching myself on an acoustic guitar (as recommended by Keith Richards), moving to electric and picking up tricks and learning from more accomplished friends led me to playing in bands. I played in a Welsh language band which led to regular appearances on the Welsh TV channel, a short tour of Canada and US and headline shows in several large theatre venues.

Keith on stage at Cardiff St David's Hall

Over the years I had many guitars and I would maintain, dismantle and rebuild them upgrade the hardware and playability of them. This combined with my playing led me to start working with stage crew companies, building all the major productions that would roll into town.

With my knowledge and experience gained  I went on to be a guitar technician working with many bands and travelled to many countries I may not have otherwise visited. Great experiences and times but they eventually take a toll on ones personal lifestyle, and I was still really only working for someone. When a tour ended how long before another one would be obtained and probably with a different band. I decided to look for alternative opportunities to provide a better and more secure income and future.

Internet Marketing has proved to be that opportunity and with the hard work and determination I put in at the beginning I can now enjoy a better lifestyle and visit those countries on a more leisurely timetable with my loved ones…..

Oh! ..and I get to build and play guitar when I wish again.

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